Our History

Comode is the concept and online store founded in 2015, which brings together dozens of Georgian designers. We help Designers and Brands, which are under the name Comode in the realization of collections and to success on the international area, by our platform. Also Comode presents, its own fashion line which produces clothing, shoes and accessories.

Comode is the place, where women can find their own style or maintain the style which is already found. There is trendy, youthful and “Must Have” clothing in our store, which needs every modern woman who is powerful, independent and purposeful.

Comode Women

Comode is the abbreviation of “Collect More Desires”. Consequently, she is a woman who always strives to fulfill her desires. After receiving everything she wanted, she enjoys her own style and aesthetics. Her story is unconditionally eternal, after one achievement she aspires to others. Also such are our customers and their stories. They fulfil their desires associated with dressing and style by Comode. Through us, they have opportunity to see new trends in a variety of creative ways.

Our mission and aspiration

Co Mode offers endless possibilities to Georgian and International designers. It means that they can realize their creations by our platform all around the world. “The online platform we have been working on for a long time will be a space, not just a store. It will bring together blogs and articles about designers and brands who are members of the Comode family. The website will also bring you up-to-date trends, upcoming secrets for the coming seasons, presenting many new designers around the world, etc… Furthermore our platform provides video and photo shoots that will automatically feature all designers from our family.”

Comode on the world fashion area

Also Comode makes showrooms and fashion shows the different place of the world. We had showroom of our designers during Alma Ata fashion week, Baku fashion week and soon we will have it in London. Besides Comode had fashion shows with partnership of “Flying Solo” in New York and in Paris of the official schedule from fashion weeks. Comode supports  to designers all the time around the world.

The celebration of fashion, which will have a cognitive and aesthetic look, will become a favorite for people around the planet. Customers will be able to visit our online platform and shop from any point of world, where they can shop and check fashion news.